On this website, you can, if you really want to, find out more about me than I'm sure you'd ever want to know. Yes there is nudity on my site, and you might as why I'd put pictures of myself nude online. Well, its quite simple really, I'm a nudist and I see no shame in the natural human form. This website is about the closest thing I have to a diary, but unlike a diary, this is open to the world and can be much more dynamic. Its a way for people to get to know me, and for friends to see what I've been up to lately, but mostly, its a form of self-reflextion.

     I was born in Chicago and grew up in Oak Park. Oak Park is a suburb bordering the center of Chicago's west side, just north of Cicero and Berwyn and east of River Forest and Forest Park. I attended OPRF High School and then went on to college at Iowa State. A few years after I graduated I moved to California to work at a Silicon Valley startup. Chicago is a great city and even though I don't live there anymore, it still feels like home to me.

     I tend to be a little eccentric at times. I don't smoke. I love animals. I recycle. I could eat pasta everyday if I felt like cooking everyday. I enjoy laughing and making others laugh. I like sci-fi and comedy. I'm not religious. I'm a little shy. I don't like trendy or typical and prefer being more unique. I like sky blue.