* AT&T (800) Directory
Every 800 number by AT&T is listed in this directory.

* American Airlines
American Airlines` official site.

* Auto By Tel
Buy an automobile via the Internet. You may have seen this site reported on television.

* Auto-Web Interactive
Looking to buy a car or even sell a car. This site is has a free option for private owners to buy and sell their vehicles. A well designed and easy to navigate site.

* Bank of America
A very informative and enjoyable site to visit.

* Business Yellow Pages
A large site dedicated to locating businesses all over America. Over 11 millions businesses are stored in this database.

* E-Trade
An excellent site for those individuals who like to invest their money in the Market. E-Trade is a full scale, low commission awesome brokerage over the Internet. Four stars.

* Federal Express

* Interactive Age
The lastest news regarding the Internet is easily accessable via this on-line publication.

* Internet 800 Directory
More than AT&T you can obtain information on many companies with an 800 listing broken down by state and category. A very informative site.

* Microsoft

* On-line Apartment Guide
A free and easy to use solution to apartment hunting in over 47 states and 300 cities nationwide.

* Open Market`s Commercial Sites
A comprehensive site that lists thousands of links to businesses, business services, nonprofit organizations, and other business related sites.

* Reno Air
Reno Air`s official site. Find all the information on-line.

* U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Information on patents and the registration of a trademark.

If you ever send a package via UPS then you want to check out their site. Get global contact, UPS information, and package tracking.

* USRobotics
Get the latest product information and news from USRobotics at their site. You can also contact their support from here if you have any problems or questions concerning their products


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