* American Airlines
American Airlines` official site.

* Auto-Web Interactive
Looking to buy a car or even sell a car. This site is has a free option for private owners to buy and sell their vehicles. A well designed and easy to navigate site.

* CD Now
An on-line megastore which includes music, videos, and games. The music ranges from classical to rock and everything in between. They have a secure server to process your orders.

* FOX Network

* Holodeck 3
Excellent use of the latest HTML options. Really requires the Microsoft browser for the full effect.

* Internet World
A useful guide to find out information about the Internet.

* Lottery USA
Get the latest results of the lottery drawings around the country.

* Movie Links
An awesome site that shows where movies are playing all around the country. You can even purchase tickets in advance at certain theatres via the Internet. Simply a perfect and enjoyable site.

* Netropolis
An interactive game via the Internet. Can you compete and build your empire versus other players on the Net?

* Olymics
USA Today`s Olympic coverage with full daily schedules of all events.

* Pollstar
Follow your band around the country with the latest concert information.

* Sony
Sony goes on-line with information about their products, artist, and much, much more.

* TV Guide
TV Guide online. Get up to the minute listings and articles regarding television personalities.

* The Discovery Channel
All the information you need to know about the Discovery Channel.

* The Sharper Image
An array of products from a name that is recognized by all.

* Ticketmaster
All the information you need regarding concerts, sports, shows, and much more is here.

* Video Gaming Information
For all you Sega, Nintendo, and Playstation fanatics.


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