* Amazon Books
Over one million titles available for your reading pleasure.

* Chicago Sun-Times

* China Daily
Find out what`s going on in China.

* Hong Kong Standard Tigernet
News on Hong Kong.

* Interactive Age
The lastest news regarding the Internet is easily accessable via this on-line publication.

* Internet World
A useful guide to find out information about the Internet.

* Irish Times
Latest on Ireland.

* Japan Times
Find out the latest trends and business news in Japan.

* Korea Herald

* OMNI Online

* On-line Apartment Guide
A free and easy to use solution to apartment hunting in over 47 states and 300 cities nationwide.

* PC Magazine
PC Magazine, published by Ziff-Davis. Very informative product reviews and Internet tips.

* PC World Online
PC World`s site includes many informative articles and software you can download.

* Portugal News

* San Jose Mercury News
Newspaper of the Silcon Valley. Breaking news from the technology mecca.

* The Chicago Tribune
Perhaps the best publication on the Internet.

* The Detroit Journal
Rated as one of the best sites on the Internet.

* USA Today
Just like the paper edition, this site provides quick access to national news.

* Wall Street Journal


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